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Wondering the cost of transportation from anywhere in the country?

All trotro live station on your device

Our fare system for trotros and taxis is available at over 48 stations points throughout Ghana. Reaching more towns and stations.

We aim to ensure transperancy and peaceful commutes in trotros This is our proof of concept testing, we would appreciate your expriences, feedbacks and features in mind in our contact page, Let's build the Better Trotro.

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Best city guide for Trotro rides!

Ei chale, I dey here o! My name bi "Trotro Live". I dey for web only, I no dey for Google Play store and IOS yet, make no bro scam you! If you dey wonder how much dem go charge you for your taxi drop, no wahala. I dey here to make sure say no trotro mate go fit thief your coins. You no go fit fight too because I go give you the right fare wey you suppose pay. Plus, if you wan send parcles to somebody inside the trotro, wey the price go dey efficient, you fit use my P2P feature. GPRTU and Digilogic EU don endorse me, so you fit trust me say I go give you correct information. Just try me!

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  • Know your Trotro Info (Fare, Routes, Station info, etc)
  • Peer 2 Peer Logistics
  • Rush Hour

Get all stations

Query all your trotro data- Know your station master number and all important public info.

Peer 2 Peer Sending Parcels

Stationing ourselves at the stations, digitalizing trotro Parcel montoring and delivery is simple and efficient pricing with us

Rush Hours

In Areas where trotro are scare and have long queques, you can keep alert to save up seats overnight to skip long in the morning.

Have a question? Our team is happy to assist you

Ask about Trotro.Live product, implementation at your local stations, trainee of agents or even looking to start a career as Trotro mate or Driver Call Us. Our highly trained reps are standing by.

Contact Us or call 050 910 3721