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What we offer

  • Know Your Fare, routes, and stations
  • Peer 2 Peer Sending Items
  • Rush Hours


  • Know your trotro and taxi fares from point A to point B
  • Know routes the trotro/taxi is using to get to desired location
  • Report and Track misplaced items in rides

Know Your Fare

Our platform provides you with access to all the important data related to trotros, including fare information, routes, and station details.

Peer to Peer

Meet Kwasi, an online shopper who recently bought a 12 GHS watch on Jumia. If Jumia delivers the item, it would cost him 10 GHS. However, Kwasi now has an alternative option, as trotros can deliver items at an efficient price of 5 GHS per 2 kgs based on weight. With our team of high experts, including Stephen Fox VTT and fresh minds from KNUST such as Matilda, as well as the support of GPRTU, we lead the operations to provide a reliable and affordable solution for item delivery. Our platform also offers the feature to know your fare, providing you with transparency and control over your expenses.


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